Choose the right Call.Group plan for your requirments. Our Connect, Professional and Enterprise plans give you the flexibility to manage your conferencing budget.

*Prices shown are exclusive of VAT.

  • Professional

  • £ 25

    / month / user
    • 15

      online participants (audio)

    • 5

      HD video/screensharing participants

    • 100

      telephone participants

    • UK

      03 dial-in number
      (more on 03 numbers)

    • 15 country

      Professional Number Package

      Including dial-in numbers for:
      US & Canada

    • Video recording

    Including live streaming to Youtube

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  • Enterprise

  • £ 35

    / month / user
    • 25

      online participants (audio)

    • 8

      HD video/screensharing participants

    • 400

      telephone participants

    • UK

      03 dial-in number
      (more on 03 numbers)

    • 15 country

      Professional Number Package

      Including dial-in numbers for:
      US & Canada

    • 40+ country

      Enterprise Number Package

      Including free-phone and premium dial-in numbers for:
      US & Canada
      South America
      China & India*

      500 minutes
      An allowance of 500 minutes per month applies.

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    • Video recording

    Including live streaming to Youtube

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03 Dial-in Numbers

Your own private, unique conferencing number that's included in bundled minutes.

Every Call.Group subscription includes a private UK 03 dial-in number. This number allows any of your participants to join your conference by telephone – useful if they’d prefer not to or don’t have access to the in-browser interface. Your private 03 number, and any other numbers you select are included in all your conference invitations.


UK telephone numbers beginning in 03 are included in any bundled minutes allocated by UK phone network providers. This means that if your participants have bundled minutes available when they dial-in, they won’t be paying a per minute charge to join your conference.

If your participants don’t have bundled or unlimited minutes, or go over their allowance, their call to your conference room will be charged at their standard rate (the same rate they get charged for calling 01 and 02 numbers).

Please note: Private 03 numbers are only assigned to those on a paid subscription. Free trial customers only have access to a the standard shared 03 number.

Click here for more information about UK 03 numbers.

Professional Number Package

The Professional Number Package is included in both the Professional and Enterprise plans. 
To prevent participants outside the UK from incurring high call charges, these international phone numbers can be used to access your conference meetings. These numbers are available for unlimited use by your telephone participants. There is no minutes allowance or restriction for calls made to these numbers.
Callers are responsible for their own local fees, if any.

Australia (Sydney) – +61283110851

Austria (National) – +43720884363

Belgium (Brussels) – +3228081408

Canada (Toronto) – +16478490959

Finland (Helsinki) – +358942450906

Hungary (Budapest) – +3618088259

Ireland (Dublin) – +35319014815

Lithuania (Vilnius) – +37052141569

Netherlands (Amsterdam) – +31208087605

Poland (Warsaw) – +48223073629

United Kingdom (National) – +443331130050

United States (San Francisco) – +14155273552

United States (New York) – +16463071311

Enterprise Number Package

The Enterprise number package gives you an additional list of premium international dial-in numbers. This offers a much wider range of countries for any international participants.
Any calls by your participants to these numbers are applied towards an allowance of 500 premium minutes/user/month (with the exception of our Chinese and Indian numbers, which are charged at 12 pence per minute/per caller – see below).
If you exceed your premium minutes allowance, a 10 pence per minute/per caller overage fee applies.

Argentina (Buenos Aires) – +541159842025

Australia (toll-free) – +611800316821

Brazil (Sao Paulo) – +551131975023

Bulgaria (Sofia) – +35924917510

Canada (toll-free) – +18005118132

Chile (Santiago) – +56232103672

Croatia (Zagreb) – +38517776635

Cyprus (Nicosia) – +35722022538

Czech Republic (Prague) – +420228882122

Denmark (Copenhagen) – +4589874135

Estonia (National)  – +3728801820

France (Paris) – +33182883793

Gremany (toll-free) – +498007238460

Hong Kong (National) – +85258035774

Iceland (reykjavik) – +3545390623

Israel (Tel Aviv) – +97237630914

Italy (Roma) – +390694801114

Japan (Tokyo) – +81345888015

Latvia (Riga) – +37166163559

Luxembourg (Luxembourg) – +35227862843

Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) – +60392125720

Mexico (Mexico City) – +525541607942

New Zealand (Auckland) – +6498015123

Norway (Oslo) – +4723965900

Portugal (National) – +351308808043

Romania (Bucharest) – +40316300066

Singapore (National) – +6531639176

Slovakia (Bratislava) – +421233056051

South Korea (Seoul) – +82264650242

Spain (Barcelona) – +34932200804

Sweden (Stockholm) – +46852503722

Switzerland (Zurich) – +41435081300

United Kingdom (toll-free) – +448000488757

United States (toll-free) – +18008681084

*The following Enterprise plan premium dial-in numbers for China and India, are not included as part of the monthly premium minutes allowance. The cost to the account holder for the use of these numbers is 12 pence/min/caller.

China (Shanghai) – +86 21 8024 5938

India (Delhi) – +91 11 7127 9271

India (Bangalore) – +91 8071 279 069

India (Mumbai) – +91 22 7127 9027

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Global Access

Anybody can access your conference room from their telephone or internet browser.



Whitelabel your conferences with your own conference site URL, logo and styling.


Share Content

Send files, share your screen, and speak in-person with up to 8 HD video streams.


Multiple Users

Create multiple conference users, so your peers can host their own conferences and collaborate effectively.

Full Featured Conferencing



WHYPAY? is a free telephone conferencing service you can use any time, instantly. If you don’t require advanced features like video streaming, WHYPAY? is the best option for teleconferencing without any added costs.
Conference calls are included in the bundled minutes provided by UK networks. Ofcom regulations make sure of that.