Advanced conferencing

Call.Group is designed to give you all the features you need, without overcomplicating things. Providing useful communicative tools in a simple and easy to use interface. What's more, Call.Group can be white-labelled to ensure your brand is always reinforced.

All that’s required is Google Chrome. Participants simply visit your branded conferencing URL from their browser and start conferencing. View the complete feature list below.


HD Video

Bring your meetings to life and communicate more naturally with up to 8 HD video streams.

Screen Sharing

Share your entire screen or a single application to participants. Demonstrate and present things easily.

File Sharing

Easily upload images and documents to your conference room for everyone to access.

Text Chat

Participants can type messages and paste links whenever meetings require it.

uses your browser

Call.Group is a sleek, highly useable interface that’s accessible from your Google Chrome browser. No applications to download.

Video Recording

Record your entire online meeting, complete with video feeds, shared screens and presented documents. Watch back on your conferencing site or download an MP4 video file.


Easily schedule your meetings ahead of time. Set recurring conferences that suit your weekly or monthly agenda.

Automatic Invitations

Automatically generated email invitations and pre-conference reminders. Participants will know exactly how and when to join your conference.

Custom Branding

There’ll be no garish styling to conflict with your brand. White-label your conferencing platform with a custom URL, logo and colour scheme.

Controlled Muting

Presentation mode lets you mute all participants, so you and your colleagues can speak without disturbance. Q&A mode allows participants to un-mute themselves when they wish to speak.

fully accessible

Participants simply visit your web-link, or dial in by telephone using your private access code. It's that simple.


Call.Group can automatically transcribe the words spoken in a meeting and can provide a full script after each call has ended.

International Dial-ins

For participants dialling by phone, local dial-in numbers are provided in multiple countries.

View numbers

Calendar Integration

Call.Group integrates with Outlook, Google, Yahoo and Mac calendars, so nobody forgets about your conference call.

SMS & PIN-less Entry

Account holders can specify their phone number to receive SMS conference reminders, and instant entry to conference rooms (no PINs or access codes).

Multiple Users

Add multiple users so peers can log in to their own Call.Group account, adjust their settings and host their own conferences.


Call.Group seamlessly combines online and telephone participants. Everybody occupies a unified conference room.

Smart search

Search for a word or phrase spoken during a conference call to find the call summary and download recordings/transcripts.

Audio Recording

Listen back to an audio recording of your entire conference and access it whenever you need to. Never miss a detail again.

Time-zone Help

Easily view and select the best time for your meeting, whichever country your participants are in.

Import Contacts

Upload Google contacts, a CSV, or a vCard and compile your address book without hassle.



Helpful features like time zone indicators make scheduling and organising conferences easy. Call.Group provides a simple, efficient interface for holding online and telephone-based meetings.

Start your free trial now to see it in action.


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